Thursday, 10 August 2017

7 August - Looking at colour

This evening's meeting was spent looking at colour - what suits us and what doesn't. Many of us acknowledged that we forgot sometimes that we're getting older and automatically reach for the colours we used to wear a few years ago. Very thought provoking.

More news from the Guild Day and AGM

Many congratulations to Sue Booth, who was awarded the Chairman's Cup in recognition of her unstinting promotion of the craft of machine knitting, and all the help she has given those struggling with some aspect or another. (This couldn't be announced at the July meeting as Sue was being presented with the award after the meeting had happened.)

We're very lucky to have Sue as a club member. Thank you from all of us for the help you give us.

Knitting poppies

We have heard through the Guild of Machine Knitters that Wonderwool Wales 2018 wants to create a "Curtain of Poppies" to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1. Their aim is to have 887, 858 poppies, one for each person from the UK who died during that conflict.

The poppies need to be 6cm in diameter, and the link to Wonderwool Wales above gives hand-knitting and crochet patterns.

Sue Booth has kindly produced a poppies pattern that we can use to knit them on the machine, and has given permission for it to be made available here:

During the meeting, Sue mentioned that you may have to set your MT to 6 to get the required size.

3 July - hands-on with various machines

As promised in June, this month we had a variety of machines for people to look at: a Brother punchcard machine, a Brother electronic, and a Knitmaster chunky.

The electronic proved to be relatively popular, and a number of people had a brief overview of its capabilities, and the opportunity to try out the machine to see how easy (or difficult, depending on your perspective) it is to use.

The session this month finished with a discussion around the idea of a charity hamper, as we have a lot of donated yarn that must be used for charitable purposes (either swapped for a donation to charity or used to knit for charity.

The idea is to knit basic items (scarves, hats, gloves, and so on) using either yarn from our own stashes or the charity yarn, to price the items and put them in a hamper. The hamper is then given to a nominated charity for a predetermined period of time for them to sell the contents. When the time period is up, the hamper (and any unsold items) are returned, the hamper is replenished and the process repeated.

News from the Guild Day and AGM

Our own Ann Matthews won a prize (the members' choice) in the Guild Challenge this year for a woven jacket in autumn colours. Congratulations, Ann!

5 June - Knit and Natter

This was a relatively quiet club night, starting with the customary 'show and tell' of items people had made recently.

After that, people broke into small groups to discuss their knitting. Many had brought something with them to do, either sewing up of something they had machine.

We got the club machine out (a Brother punchard machine) with the intention of reproducing the crochet-look stitch that Clair had tried to show us the previous month, but there had been a slight error in the instructions. Unfortunately, although we had updated instructions, no-one had the punchcard pattern with them. However, some new members were happy to be shown some basic steps on the machine, such as casting on and the different stitch types (tuck, slip, lace, etc.)

As a hands-on session was so popular, we arranged to have a variety of machines available during the next meeting.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

8 May - Guest speaker: Clair Crowston

Clair Crowston was guest speaker at the May meeting of the Mapperley Knit and Natter Club for machine knitters. After demonstrating how to knit both sides of a plain V neck simultaneously, Clair showed how you can create a crochet look using a punch card and lace carriage. She also made a unique tuck stitch cuff using a Knitmaster card on her Brother machine. Clair finished the session with some three colour work in slip stitch.

Clair enjoys a welcome cup of tea during a short break

Thank you to Pat and Janet

Our new Club Chair, Helen Flarry, presented gift tokens to Janet Jackson and Pat Collins to thank them for their sterling work for the Club. Janet has acted as club treasurer over many years; Pat has been club secretary for several years and in recent times has acted as both secretary and Chairperson. Their dedication to keeping the Club going is much appreciated by all members.

Pat Collins (left) and Janet Jackson are presented with a token of our appreciation

Knitting for the hospice

Club members have been busy knitting in response to the appeal by Nottinghamshire Hospice. Speakers from the Hospice came to the April Meeting and told the group about the work done there and in the Community for those in the final stages of their life and their families.
The need to raise at least £7,000 a day is being given a boost by holding a “Big Purple Party” consisting of fund raising events during the week 22nd-28th May. The club was asked to support their Yarn Bombing efforts in purple and white yarn which will be used to publicise the Hospice during the party week. The first fruits of club member’s efforts were displayed at this month‘s meeting.

Our 'purple and white' knitting in support of the Nottinghamshire Hospice yarn bombing event
The Club was also very happy to receive a thank you note from the Hospice for the donation of £125 from the Club charity fund which was presented to them at the April meeting.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Nottingham Show

The Nottingham Machine Knitting show took place at West Park Leisure Centre, Long Eaton on Sunday 9th April.

There was a lot to see - yarn (of course), patterns, machines/spares and accessories - and some very interesting talks.
Some members of the Mapperley Knit and Natter club were there, and Ann Matthews did a great job demonstrating on a machine set up next to the stand belonging to the Guild of Machine Knitters.

Ann Matthews demonstrating on a Brother knitting machine.

Ann gave both hands on experience to some wishing to try machine knitting for the very first time and demonstrated some really striking hand-manipulated designs.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

3 April - AGM and talk by Nottinghamshire Hospice

Our AGM was held tonight and was very well attended (23 people altogether). It was a very positive meeting, with people volunteering to take on various responsibilities within the club.

Our guest speakers were from the Nottinghamshire Hospice, and it was a talk that was extremely relevant to us. They are holding a ‘purple week’ when they are ‘yarn bombing’ the hospice and its grounds (and an area in Woodthorpe Park) over their big purple party fundraising week to raise awareness of the hospice and its work.

Apparently, yarn bombing is something that started in the USA a few years ago, and is known by a number of other names. As a group of knitters, we’ve been asked to use any oddments of purple yarn we have to create streamers, tree-wrappers and bunting to decorate the hospice and grounds. Quite a challenge!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

6 March - final meeting of the financial year

Our final meeting of 2016 was held on Monday 6th March. We had a good attendance (22 people).We discussed our plans for 2017, and asked everyone to consider what they would like to happen next year, and whether they could help organise some of the meetings.

A number of people had brought garments to show, some finished and some still needing a bit of work. A fair bit of hand-knitting was also being done during the evening.

Next month (April 2017), we have a guest speaker from a local hospice, who is going to talk about their work and about fundraising. It is also the first month of the new financial year, and we will be holding our AGM.

If you would like to come, please see the About us page for details.