Thursday, 10 August 2017

3 July - hands-on with various machines

As promised in June, this month we had a variety of machines for people to look at: a Brother punchcard machine, a Brother electronic, and a Knitmaster chunky.

The electronic proved to be relatively popular, and a number of people had a brief overview of its capabilities, and the opportunity to try out the machine to see how easy (or difficult, depending on your perspective) it is to use.

The session this month finished with a discussion around the idea of a charity hamper, as we have a lot of donated yarn that must be used for charitable purposes (either swapped for a donation to charity or used to knit for charity.

The idea is to knit basic items (scarves, hats, gloves, and so on) using either yarn from our own stashes or the charity yarn, to price the items and put them in a hamper. The hamper is then given to a nominated charity for a predetermined period of time for them to sell the contents. When the time period is up, the hamper (and any unsold items) are returned, the hamper is replenished and the process repeated.

News from the Guild Day and AGM

Our own Ann Matthews won a prize (the members' choice) in the Guild Challenge this year for a woven jacket in autumn colours. Congratulations, Ann!

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