Thursday, 10 August 2017

5 June - Knit and Natter

This was a relatively quiet club night, starting with the customary 'show and tell' of items people had made recently.

After that, people broke into small groups to discuss their knitting. Many had brought something with them to do, either sewing up of something they had machine.

We got the club machine out (a Brother punchard machine) with the intention of reproducing the crochet-look stitch that Clair had tried to show us the previous month, but there had been a slight error in the instructions. Unfortunately, although we had updated instructions, no-one had the punchcard pattern with them. However, some new members were happy to be shown some basic steps on the machine, such as casting on and the different stitch types (tuck, slip, lace, etc.)

As a hands-on session was so popular, we arranged to have a variety of machines available during the next meeting.

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