Thursday, 10 August 2017

7 August - Looking at colour

This evening's meeting was spent looking at colour - what suits us and what doesn't. Many of us acknowledged that we forgot sometimes that we're getting older and automatically reach for the colours we used to wear a few years ago. Very thought provoking.

More news from the Guild Day and AGM

Many congratulations to Sue Booth, who was awarded the Chairman's Cup in recognition of her unstinting promotion of the craft of machine knitting, and all the help she has given those struggling with some aspect or another. (This couldn't be announced at the July meeting as Sue was being presented with the award after the meeting had happened.)

We're very lucky to have Sue as a club member. Thank you from all of us for the help you give us.

Knitting poppies

We have heard through the Guild of Machine Knitters that Wonderwool Wales 2018 wants to create a "Curtain of Poppies" to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1. Their aim is to have 887, 858 poppies, one for each person from the UK who died during that conflict.

The poppies need to be 6cm in diameter, and the link to Wonderwool Wales above gives hand-knitting and crochet patterns.

Sue Booth has kindly produced a poppies pattern that we can use to knit them on the machine, and has given permission for it to be made available here:

During the meeting, Sue mentioned that you may have to set your MT to 6 to get the required size.

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