Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Latest club news...

I have an apology to make. Life has got so busy in the last few months that I haven’t been updating the website. However, better late than never, so here are some photographs of recent meetings.

Colour workshop in August

Sue Booth kindly volunteered to be the guinea pig for the meeting, and Pat Collins tried various colours to see which suited her best.

Demonstration by Sue Booth

Sue, as always, delivered a very good demonstration. An added bonus this time was that Andrew Matthews very kindly set up a camera and projector so we could see much more easily what was going on. As is always the case when people know Sue is delivering a workshop, the club was buzzing.
The meeting in full-swing.
We're always grateful for Sue's workshop, but this time she got an extra 'thank you'. Priscilla had been busy baking, and presented Sue with two cakes, one for eating during the meeting and one to take home. Thank you, Priscilla!

Sue, admiring her cake, which is a knitting machine carriage!

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