Monday, 11 March 2019

March meeting - decorating your knitting

Sue Booth gave another extremely interesting talk on embellishments for our knitting. She covered:

  • Fake cardigan bands - knit a jumper and add a band to the front to give the appearance of a cardigan. Basically, these are 'hems', and one of the techniques Sue showed us incorporated a small stocking stitch 'roll' that hid the sewing line.
  • Knitting in small bobbles.
  • Adding small strips - splashes of colour over 7 or so needles (and as a bonus, no ends to sew in!).
  • Knitting cording in various ways to apply to surface of the knitting.
  • Various 'painting' methods, including using permanent markers.
  • Adding 'foil' by gluing it to the fabric.
We covered a lot in a short space of time, and as always, Sue brought a large number of samples with her - both of garments that used the various techniques and of small swatches.