Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Sue Booth demonstrated machine knitted socks

Sue demonstrated two methods of knitting socks, and talked us through a third (lack of time meant she couldn't show all three).

The first required a ribber as the bulk of the knitting was done on both beds. The rib at the top of the sock needed to be seamed, and the toe grafted -  but the rest was seamless. Sue cast on using both beds and knitted a rib, which was taken off onto waste yarn. The rib was then rehung on both beds, with the edges (left and right) of the knitting being put onto the two centre needles on the main bed. The rest of the stitches were rehung with 50% on the main bed and 50% on the ribber. The 'leg' part of the sock was knitted circular, then short-row shaping used (on the main bed) to shape the heel. Finally, the foot was knitted circular, and fully fashioned decreases for the toes. The sock was taken off onto waste yarn for grafting the toe.

The second style was knitting on the main bed only - ideal if you don't have a ribber. A mock-rib top was followed by the leg being knitted flat - the final sock has a seam down the inside of the leg, and the socks are made as either a right-sock or a left-sock. The heel shaping is on one side of the needle bed only.

The third style was also knitted on the main bed only, but this time after knitting the leg portion, the top of the foot was knitted, the toe shaped, and then the sole knitted. The sole was grafted to the heel section. This style resulted in more seams - one up the centre back of the leg portion, and one either side of the foot.

Thank you very much to Sue for her patient demonstration - we learned a lot, and I know what my next project is going to be. :-)

Friday, 4 October 2019

What's happening in October?

Sue Booth will be showing us how to knit socks on the knitting machine, and Andrew Matthews has kindly offered to bring his camera and projector so we can all see what is happening.

Sue's demonstrations are always very good, and I'm really looking forward to the evening. Hopefully we'll see you there!