Monday, 2 March 2020

Coming up shortly...

We have a full programme over the next three months:

  • March - Sue Booth is demonstrating 'all things tuck', both on the single bed and the ribber. Sue's talks are always inspirational, and I always learn something useful.
  • April - our AGM, where we review our finances (including deciding how we're going to distribute the funds we've raised for charity) vote for the committee members, and decide on some of the things we'd like to do over the coming months. It's a great 'knit and natter' evening, too.
  • May - Amy Twigger-Holroyd is coming to give us a talk. Amy is a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, and has published two books: Folk fashion - understanding homemade clothes and Fashion knitwear design. She is a very experienced designer, maker and teaching of knitting, and has done a lot of work around reworking textiles.
All are welcome, but obviously only club members can vote on anything at the AGM.

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