Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Alison - Show & Tell

I keep meaning to hold on to the jumpers I make to bring them to the Club - the trouble is, I've often given them to the recipients between finishing them and the next meeting. To set the ball rolling with my own "Show & Tell", I offer a jumper made for one of my grandchildren.

It is hand-knitted from the neck down, in the round; no seams, but still a lot of ends to sew in because of the stripes. This was a special request from my 3-year-old grandson. I'd made his sister a tunic in self-striping yarn from my stash, and he wanted a "stripes jumper" too. I managed to stop him after he'd chosen purple, blue and white (fortunately all acrylic and all double-knitting!). Grandad is modelling it. I took the photo to prove to my grandson that I'd finished it, as every time he spoke to me the question was "Granny, done my jumper yet?" The only images I have of him wearing it are videos.

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  1. I forgot to say - the stripey jumper is from a pattern by Karen O'Hanlon Cohrt Knit Designs. I think I got it from Ravelry. It's very straightforward, and does a folded-over neckband (similar to the way a machine-knitter would fold a mock-rib). My only criticism is that the band is very narrow and the neck very wide. My own fault, as it was obvious as I was doing it, but I thought maybe it was just at full-stretch on the circular needles. I should have pulled back the neckband and started again, with an extra 8 rows altogether (giving 10 each side of the fold, and not 6) - my defence is 'pester pressure' ("Knitted my jumper yet, Granny?").


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