Monday, 31 May 2021

Show & Tell during the Pandemic

As we cannot meet during the CoVid19 crisis, we're sharing the fruits of our machine knitting efforts online. While the pandemic is forcing us all to stay at home, it's the perfect opportunity to progress your knitting.

Good, bad or ugly, send your pics to (or to Alison) and we will post them here so we can continue to enjoy our craft together.


  1. We l finally finished my husband jumper. He loves it and it fits ( unless he puts anymore weight on 🤣 I wanted to post a picture but don’t know how ? This is a great idea missing you all. Linda

  2. I've uploaded the for you, Linda. Blogger works differently to Facebook... anyone can comment but only people with a login can put up posts (it's a blog that we're using as a website because at least then people can comment :-).

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