Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Jean - Show & Tell

Jean has sent in a few photos for her own 'Show & Tell'.

Some of you may have seen from Jean's email that she has been knitting baby things as her first great-granddaughter is due in 3 weeks.

Congratulations, Jean.

The white and pink baby cardigan has a neat cable down the front, and you can see just how little was left on the cone at the end. A close thing!

The hoodie and the cardigan in the photo on the left are machine knitted, and the booties are a hand-knit.


  1. Hi Jean. That pink and white cardigan is really delicate. Beautiful. Did you start knitting quickly as you reached the end of the cone (I do that, sometimes) or did you not notice until you'd finished? That happened to me the other day - I was looking for the scissors to cut the yarn after removing the knitting from the machine, and the last couple of yards slipped through the yarn mast! I like the colours of the booties, too.

  2. Hi Alison I'll just send a short message I've tried to send 2 long messages & don't know what happened Jean 🦋

  3. This one came through. It took a little while as we had moderation switched on (so comments had to be approved). I've switched it off for now, but if we start to get a lot of spam, I'll have to switch it back on again.


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