Thursday, 9 April 2020

Veronica - Show & Tell

Veronica tells us of her renewed relationship with her garter carriage. She says:

There is always a silver lining and I’ve been using the confined time to make friends with my knitting machine again. Me and the machine were inseparable in the early 90’s but children, jobs and, that wonderful thing, the man made fleece came along and it was confined to under the bed. It’s been sitting there silently just waiting and now, hurrah, it’s time has come.

I have been making dishcloths on my Brother punchcard using the garter carriage. The garter carriage wiring was damaged in an attack of gerbils, Brenda’s Martin has done a great job of repairing it, and it is chugging away merrily again.

It has taken several attempts to make a dishcloth, each one takes about 4hrs for the GC to knit. I think I have finally got a good balance of tension for 2x2ply cotton yarn.
Of course they come off the machine looking and feeling like one thing and when washed the cotton changes density and feel to something else.
Here they are a sample. The pink on the top is the best yet but needs washing.

Happy lockdown to everyone, keep safe and well.

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