Friday, 1 May 2020

Alison's hand-knit cardigan

I went to the KCG Convention last year (2019) for the very first time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the things they do is have a 'yarn amnesty' - similar to our yarn sales at the club, with the money raised going to charity. People take yarn that they have left over from projects, or that they bought on a whim and never got around to using.
I found a sealed pack of 10 balls of Wendy Frizzante - 'sealed' was good, it meant they were 10 full balls - complete with a pattern for a waterfall-style cardigan.
I'd never knitted an 'eyelash' yarn before, so decided one new thing at a time, and I'd follow the pattern. Problem was, the pattern came in three sizes, I needed the largest, and it took 11 balls. I couldn't get any more anywhere, so I had to adapt.
I'm not very tall, so I took a few stitches out of the length (the body is knitted sideways in one piece from right-front to left-front), but I could tell that hadn't saved me enough. So I knitted both sleeves at the same time, from the top down, reversing the shaping - the only way I could be sure they would end up the same length.
Because I knew they'd end up as 3/4 sleeves (at best), I didn't decrease as much down the arms so they stayed a little looser. On balance, I think I prefer it to longer sleeves with this slightly fluffy yarn. It looks OK with a short-sleeve T-shirt and bare lower arms, and I think it will also look OK with a long-sleeved top.

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