Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Veronica has knitted a 'special' cardigan for her granddaughter

Veronica has sent us this:

My granddaughter broke her arm a couple of weeks ago and as the weather has turn chill, I adapted a cardigan I was knitting for her to suit her present problem with one short wide sleeve.

I used a Marion Nelson pattern and a punchcard I found in my stash. The yarn is 2/30s acrylic also in my stash. I like the turquoise mix which has ‘bright’ acrylic giving it a sheen.

The body is a bit long, it’ll keep her kidneys warm. It’s difficult to get a proper fitting at present with not seeing her as much and then not been able to get close enough to measure the bits I need. Of course I didn’t do a tension square.

Show & Tell - Alison

Hi everyone - I hope you're all keeping well.

I've been rediscovering my double-bed colour changer, and have finally knitted up the Yeoman yarn (3ply, 50% wool/50% acrylic) I bought at the Nottingham Show not last year but the year before.

I originally bought two cones of the blue and one of the white - and used one of the blue fairly quickly to knit a tuck stitch jumper for myself. I now longer have that... my husband put it in the machine, after which it fitted my slim daughter-in-law, and my son then did the same. It wouldn't even fit a 5-year-old and was like cardboard!

I've used the blue and white (it is white, although the photo doesn't look it) to do this double-jacquard jumper for myself in readiness for the cooler weather in the autumn. It's one of the standard Stitch World patterns, and I thought it worked well with the blue and white. A bit of a Wedgewood feel. 😊

I've got a Brother KH965 but a KR830 ribber (which I originally had with my KH836). Last year, I bought a ribber carriage for a KR850, giving me the option to do the birds-eye jacquard. It fits nicely, although the connection between the ribber and the main bed was a little weak (the connecting arm didn't fit all the way into the slot). I've now got the ribber part for the main carriage too, so that is better. There was still a little bit of adjustment needed, as it kept missing the yarn when I changed colour. Comparing it with the older carriage, the angles weren't quite right so a bit of push into place was needed.

The only thing I've noticed that is a little odd is when you're decreasing. You have to make sure that you (ideally) decrease on an even row number (every 2nd, 4th, 6th) as every other needle knits in each direction on the ribber. If you decrease on an odd numbered row too frequently, the same needles keep knitting and the same needles slipping. I have some areas on inside where you can see the effect of the decreases - instead of birds-eye, I've got stripes for a few rows. 

Now I've done this - and I've got the red yarn - I can knit my grandson's jumper. The tension square is done and the pattern is in the machine. Thank you to Pat and to Pauline, who both contacted me to say they had some red. Pauline had the 2/30 acrylic I was looking for, so I will return Pat's to her soon. Again, than you both.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Show and Tell from Jean Conduit

Jean has sent us photos of the lovely things she has been making for the Show & Tell. (Apologies, I didn't get chance to upload this yesterday.)

Jean says:
Hope to see you all soon.

A hand-knit for Jean's first gread-granddaugher.
4-ply cardigan, pattern from MKM March 2010.



The same pattern, in Baby Bramwell. Jean says this knits up lovely and soft.

Finally, a jumper knitted in wool using the garter carriage and pattern 2 from Stitch World.