Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Veronica has knitted a 'special' cardigan for her granddaughter

Veronica has sent us this:

My granddaughter broke her arm a couple of weeks ago and as the weather has turn chill, I adapted a cardigan I was knitting for her to suit her present problem with one short wide sleeve.

I used a Marion Nelson pattern and a punchcard I found in my stash. The yarn is 2/30s acrylic also in my stash. I like the turquoise mix which has ‘bright’ acrylic giving it a sheen.

The body is a bit long, it’ll keep her kidneys warm. It’s difficult to get a proper fitting at present with not seeing her as much and then not been able to get close enough to measure the bits I need. Of course I didn’t do a tension square.


  1. What a good idea, Veronica. I like it... and it's used some of your stash.

  2. What a lovely idea, you are a special Grandmother I’m sure she loves it as much as she loves you. Bless you.


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