Monday, 31 May 2021

Show & Tell during the Pandemic

As we cannot meet during the CoVid19 crisis, we're sharing the fruits of our machine knitting efforts online. While the pandemic is forcing us all to stay at home, it's the perfect opportunity to progress your knitting.

Good, bad or ugly, send your pics to (or to Alison) and we will post them here so we can continue to enjoy our craft together.

Children's jumpers from Helen

 Helen has sent some photographs of children's jumpers she has made from cone-ends of Bramwell's 4ply. A real stash-busting exercise!

Friday, 7 May 2021

Show & Tell - Helen's crochet

 Helen has been really prolific, completely a lot of these... and aren't they lovely? My crochet skills are nowhere near this level...😀

Show & Tell - Jean's latest creations

Jean sent me these a while ago (before our last Zoom meeting). We did see them during the meeting but I have taken a long time to get around to publishing them.

An Elaine Cater image

This first one (the yellow/mustard one on my monitor) is an Elaine Cater pattern but Jean has changed the neck, substituting a 'worm' edging. Very effective.

The second one (below) is knitted with 4 strands of Smedley's yarn. It was started back in November and had just been washed when Jean photographed it.

It's really lovely to see what people have been working on. Please do keep sending in the photos and I'll do my best to get them up here a bit more quickly!


Monday, 1 March 2021

Pat - Show & Tell

 Pat has sent a couple of photos of her latest cushion. I recognise this design, and it looks really good as a cushion.

Alison - Show and Tell

As seems typical these days, the jumper I've been knitting went to the recipient the day before the meeting, but this time I remembered to take a photo.

A fairly basic tuck stitch, but with the knit side as the right side. Based on StitchWorld 306, which in the book is pale green, yellow and pink blocks with black/grey dividers up the entire pattern. I had stronger colours, but then it was a bit much... so I did more of the jumper in plain dark green. Thomas had picked his own colours (wanted a green jumper with other colours - but needed persuading that pink chenille possibly wasn't the best thing to include!

I'm pleased with it. It's in 2 strands of 2/30, MT5. The body of the jumper is fine (fine but 'feels' good, which is what I wanted as we move towards spring) but I think with hindsight I could have done with a slightly firmer ribbing at the bottom (cuffs are fine).

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Helen - Show & Tell

 Helen missed our meeting on Monday but has sent a photo of something she has made for our virtual 'show-and-tell'.

Helen said:

I have attached a photo of something I made this month.   It is a square of double crochet in DK wool with the pattern cross stitched on top, again in DK yarn.

I've attached the photo of it in position, with a slightly larger version just of the square. 

Monday, 1 February 2021

Show and Tell - Jean

The cardigan

Jean has sent me a photograph of a cardigan she has made for her great-granddaughter (as she said, just a little late for Christmas). Isn't it lovely? I particularly like the button band. Jean has also sent a photo of the card she used.

And the punchcard