About Us & Meetings

We are a group of people with a passion for machine knitting, who meet once a month to share tips and techniques, showcase what we’ve made and generally talk about our hobby.

Where do we meet?

We meet at a community centre in Nottingham.

Killisick Community Centre
Killisick Road

When do we meet?

We meet on the first Monday of every month, unless that is a Bank Holiday. On those occasions, we normally move the meeting to the second Monday of the month, but please check the timetable below.

Meetings start at 6.45pm and we are finished for 9pm – and that includes a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit. Most people get there a few minutes early so we can start promptly.

Even on a ‘natter’ evening (no planned speaker or demonstration), we share what we have been making, and the club machine is normally set up if you want to ask a question or are unsure how to do something.

We sell unwanted gadgets and yarn to each other during the meeting, and a good proportion of these are donated with the proceeds going to charity.

We are now on Facebook!

If you are on Facebook, you may be interested to join our new closed Facebook group.  Search for ‘Machine Knitting Nottinghamshire’ or ‘Mapperley Knit & Natter’ (both will find us) and ask to join the group.

2 December 2019Christmas fuddle. We still bring our knitting and crochet, but also bring food for a shared table and a small gift for someone. (We draw lots and choose in turn.)
6 January 2020No meeting this month as it's our Christmas Meal. We go out as a group to a local pub.
3 February 2020Erica Thomson is our guest speaker, and she will be talking about and demonstrating 'Knitting with Wire'. You can find some information about Erica and her talk on her website: http://www.erica.co.uk/
2 March 2020Sue Booth is going to be demonstrating. We don't yet know what the topic will be, but Sue's talks are always extremely interesting - and it doesn't matter which machine you use, as Sue is very good at explaining what the differences are.
6 April 2020We hold our AGM during the April meeting. We announce how much we have raised for charity and decide which charities will share the money. We vote the office holders (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) into post, as well as other committee members. We ask for guidance on what people want to see and do for the coming year. The rest of the meeting is an informal knit-and-natter.
4 May 2020To be decided
1 June 2020To be decided
6 July 2020To be decided
3 August 2020To be decided
7 September 2020To be decided
5 October 2020
2 November 2020To be decided
7 December 2020A long time in the future, but likely to be our Christmas fuddle. We still bring our knitting and crochet, but also bring food for a shared table and a small gift for someone. (We draw lots and choose in turn.)

Please note: topics for the meeting are subject to change.

Visitors are welcome to attend meetings while deciding whether to join – or just to see what it’s all about – but there is a charge of £3.00 to cover costs.

If you decide to join the club, the membership fee for 2019 is £9 for the April 2019 to March 2020 year, plus £1.50 to cover refreshments each meeting that you attend. As we get towards the end of any year, it may work out cheaper to come as a visitor and join the following year.

If you want to talk to someone before you come...

We know it’s sometimes a little strange turning up when you don’t know anyone, so one of our members has kindly offered to be an initial point of contact for anyone considering coming to a meeting.

Please send an email to mappknitnatter@gmail.com with any questions. If you would rather speak to someone on the phone, we can let you have a number to call.

Why the Mapperley Knit and Natter Club?

We were founded in 1986 by a group of enthusiastic machine knitters and used to meet in a community centre in Mapperley, which is a district of Nottingham in England. Although we now meet in Arnold (a nearby district of Nottingham), we decided not to change the name.

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