Club meeting September 2018


Hand drawn version of our logo, based on the original plaque.

This is the plaque our logo on the home page is drawn from.  It was originally fixed to the wall at the Haywood Road Community Centre where we first used to meet and was lovingly preserved when we moved to Kilisick Community Centre.

Ann Matthews demonstrating at the Nottingham Show, 2017

Clare Crowston taking a well-deserved break during a demonstration to the club.

Some of the items made for the Hospice - both for the Yarn Bomb event and to sell.

Pat and Janet receiving their "Thank you" cards and gifts

Sue Booth demonstrating. Special thanks to Andrew Matthews for protecting what Sue was doing so we could all see clearly.

Sue Booth as the model for a colour workshop.

Pat explaining the various colours.

Sue's "thank you" cake.

Sue Booth demonstrating at the club.

Our charity hamper...

...including hand knits.

Ann Matthews demonstrating steaming.

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  1. Hello ladies & gentlemen, I came across your blog while looking for machine knitting clubs as I am looking to sell machine knitting yarn. I have 250gm cones of Fil d'ecosse 2 ply cotton in beautiful bright colours and fine wool on cones. If you are still up and running and possibly interested, please do contact me on either my email or 07837-637270.
    Thank you, ALISON COWAN


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